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Finding a planner that works for me has been a struggle.

I’ve tried many annual planners throughout the years. None of them clicked for me or kept me motivated to continue to use them each month. 

Here is what typically happens: The first few months go great and I plan away. But then I get bored or lose motivation and the planner is left to collect dust on the coffee table. 

So when SILK + SONDER’s Instagram ad kept popping up in my feed, I became intrigued. 

SILK + SONDER looked like it was so much more than a planner. It was a monthly subscription that appeared to encompass both journal and lifestyle elements along with a monthly planner. 

And the best part…you received a brand new planner each month. This could be just what I need in a planner. 

Mind you, I do not like subscription services and try to keep them to a minimum. It was really against the norm for me to hit “subscribe”. 

But I’m glad I tried this out. 

SILK + SONDER has become my little monthly treat. It helps me reflect on the past, envision the future, and plan for the present which is just what I need each month. 

If you have been searching for a planner or are simply curious as to whether a monthly SILK + SONDER subscription is right for you, read on to find out what I love and don’t love about the SILK + SONDER planner. 

But first, let me give you a better feel for what SILK + SONDER is all about. 


SILK + SONDER creates a wellness planner that gives you the opportunity for a fresh start each month. For a subscription fee, each month you receive a brand new planner to reflect, set intentions, and plan out your month, weeks, and days. And to help keep things fresh, each month has a different theme.

Photo of Cover of SILK + SONDER Planner

Here is how they describe the planner on their website: 

“We believe that your journey to self-discovery and self-care begins through the therapeutic power of pen to paper, from the comfort of your own home. 

Every month, we hand-curate the perfect blend of intention, reflection, and action and deliver it straight to your doorstep. Each planner is inspired by thought leaders, books, podcasts, bullet journal layouts, and positive psychology techniques to create a personalized, guided journaling and planning experience just for you.”

SILk + SONDER can be purchased as either a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. Pricing is as follows:

  • Monthly – $19.95
  • Quarterly – $54.00 
  • Annually – $160.00

If you’re interested in trying out SILK + SONDER use this link and enter SILK10 to get 10% off your order. 

What’s Inside the SILK + SONDER Planner

Each monthly planner contains three elements:

  • Planning
  • Lifestyle
  • Journal

While the planning section stays relatively the same each month, some of the lifestyle and journal elements may change to reflect the month’s unique theme. 

Here is a list of what the November 2020 “Happiness” themed planner contained:


  • Full-year calendar
  • Current Month
  • Future Log of Next Four Months
  • Weekly Overview (Goals, Meal Plan, Mind and Body Plan, etc)
  • Weekly/Daily Planning


  • Mood Tracker
  • Habit Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Recipes
  • Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Coloring Page


  • Previous Month Reflection Prompts
  • Current Month Intention Setting
  • Happiness Log*
  • Space to List Favorite Songs*
  • Happiness Jar*
  • My Happy Moments List*
  • Mid-Month Reflection

*Elements that change every month based on a theme


What I Love About the SILK + SONDER Planner

The Fresh Start Each Month

The fresh start each month is probably my favorite feature of the SILK + SONDER Planner. There is something about getting a new planner that gets me excited to plan for the month ahead. An annual planner hasn’t been able to do this for me. 

I look forward to waking up on the 1st of each month to complete my reflection on the past month and set my intentions for the new month.

Journal Prompts and Exercises

I also love the different journal prompts and exercises each month.

Over the past few months, there have been several journal exercises that have really got me thinking about things in a different way. 

For example, in October the theme was “Tranquility” and here is one of the questions:

“What type of things or changes do you find yourself resisting? What would happen if you stopped resisting and invited change in?”

This question got me thinking about how I often fall into an “I can’t do that” mindset to protect myself from the possibility of failure. If I don’t think I can do it, then I won’t try and fail. But, I digress, as this could be an entire blog post on its own. 

Mood and Habit Trackers

The mood and habit trackers found in the planner each month are a great way to check in with myself each day. 

I love being able to see how my mood changes throughout the month. Which, as a woman with a monthly cycle, can be very eye-opening. 

The habit tracker element is another one of my favorites. It helps me set intentions for the daily habits I want to bring into my life and offers a way to track how I’m doing throughout the month. 

What I Don’t Love About the SILK + SONDER Planner

Space for Weekly Reflection

As you can tell by the “things I love” list above, I’m a big fan of the journal elements of the planner. I would love to see more space for reflection in the planning section.  

There is a section for a mid-month reflection, but I would love to see that expanded into a weekly reflection where I had space to reflect on what went well during the past week. 

The Cost

While I completely understand why the planner costs as much as it does, it’s hard for me to justify paying over $100 for a monthly planner when I could find an annual planner for under $30. 

Right now I’m paying the monthly fee of $19.95 because I didn’t want to commit to an entire year. But I can honestly say that I’m considering an annual subscription as a holiday gift to myself. 

If it’s something that I continue to find value in, then it is money well spent. And I wouldn’t be writing about it here if I didn’t think you could find value in this planner as well. 

Who is the Silk and Sonder Planner For

The SILK + SONDER Planner is an expensive planner, but I do think it can be worth the expense for some of us. I’m happy I went against my frugal nature and tried it out. 

I see this planner being good for people who easily lose interest and could benefit from the excitement that receiving a brand new planner each month brings.

This planner could also be useful to someone who wants to bring reflection and intention into their lives but needs a little nudge to get it done. 

And another idea I had is that the SILK + SONDER planner would be a great gift. I love buying gifts that people would never buy for themselves. This would definitely fall into that category. 

Want to See More of the Silk and Sonder Planner?

Check out this YouTube video by Pretty Prints & Paper for a great thorough look at what the SILK + SONDER planner is all about.

We’ve Got This

If you have been looking for a planner, and the SILK + SONDER Planner sounds like it could be of value to you, go ahead and add the expense to your budget and give it a try. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my monthly planners so far. 

I love having a place to reflect on the past, set intentions for the future, and a way to track my progress. 

And the fresh start each month really helps keep me motivated. 

If you decide to give SILK + SONDER a try, you can use the link below and enter SILK10 to get 10% of any monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.  


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