Sinking Funds: Why You Need Them and How to Get Started

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How many times a year do you plan on putting some cash in your savings account, but you get hit with a bill that seems to pop out of nowhere? Or how often do you find yourself scrambling to find a way to pay for a large, but predictable expense like new car tires? My […]

How We Budget as an Unmarried Couple Living Together

Are you looking to start budgeting with your live-in partner, but don’t know where to start? Budgeting as an unmarried couple can be confusing. Your money is likely completely separate, so it can be unclear as to how to create a budget together.  Figuring out how to work together on a budget was something that […]

Do You Need a Budget? 12 Reasons Why Budgeting is Important

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Budgeting changed my life.  And I know it can do the same for others. But if you’ve never budgeted before, you may be struggling to understand what makes budgeting so powerful.  And you may be asking yourself “Why is budgeting important?” Budgeting is the tool you need to take control of your finances.  With a […]

How to Save Money as a Teenager

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Saving money is hard for anyone including teenagers. However, if you build good savings habits now, then it will be much easier to keep saving when you are an adult!

Needs vs Wants: How to Overcome This Common Budgeting Struggle

Budgeting Needs Vs Wants

Are you struggling to figure out how to fit both your needs and your wants into your budget?  Balancing your needs and wants in your budget is no easy task.  We have bills to pay, savings goals, and fun things we want to do. And we often find ourselves staring at our budget wondering how […]

9 Reasons My YNAB Love Affair Is Worth the Money

You’ve likely heard about how YNAB has changed the lives of so many others. But you may be struggling with the idea of paying for a budgeting tool when you are trying to stop spending money.

The Money Date Guide: How to Talk About Money with Your Partner

Get on the Same Page with a Money Date

Are you looking for a way to talk openly about your finances with your partner? Or do you want to start setting and sharing financial goals with your partner but don’t know where to start?  Then a money date is a great place to start.  Money dates are a great way to get the awkward […]

How to Set Short-term Financial Goals to Improve Your Finances

Short-term Financial Goal Examples Image of long road ahead

Are you looking to set short-term financial goals to takes steps towards improving your financial health? Then you’ve come to the right place.  Getting your personal finances to a place where they become a source of empowerment instead of a source of stress is a tough but completely doable journey to embark on.  And one […]

The Massive List of Budget Categories You Need for Budgeting Success

Laying the Ground Work for a Successful Budget with Budget Categories

Want to set yourself up for budgeting success? Then making sure that your budget includes all of your expenses is essential. Sure, it’s easy to just add up all of your monthly bills. But what about those pesky non-monthly bills, savings goals, and the unexpected bills? These can seem to just pop up without warning, […]

Run the Numbers and Give Your Dreams a Chance

Run the Numbers

Do you dream about taking extended time off of work, retiring early, switching to a part-time job, or becoming debt-free?  But then find yourself thinking “That would be amazing, but I could never afford to do it.”? So you shrug the idea off and continue going down the path that is your current life.  I […]

Start Meeting Your Money Goals with a Yearly Budget Plan

What if you could set yourself up to meet all of your financial needs and wants for the entire year? When people think of budgeting, they typically think of a monthly budget. And while the monthly budget is a useful tool for many, over the years I realized there was something missing from it.   I […]